Partner Links & Resources

Here are links that you can display on your site to let your clients know that you are an authorized partner of SpyderMail. As a partner, once you copy and past the code below into your web-page, you just need to insert your SpyderMail ID where you see "XXXX".

Just copy the code, and then paste it into the code of your site, where you want the link and image to appear. Both link to the Trial signup page, and allow you to offer a no obligation trial to your clients. A great way to offer a "test-drive" of the service to your users.

As an affiliate, you'd be referring a client to us. However, as a partner typically you add your own clients to your account. We provide this badge - in case you'd like to display it, and if a client makes their way to us, we'll know whose partner account to add them to.

SpyderMail Partner BadgeLink Code for Images


<a href="" title="SpyderMail Spam Filtering Service" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="SpyderMail Managed Spam & Virus Filtering Service" border="0" />