The Cost of Spam

Have you ever wondered what the actual cost of spam is, to your organization?

"The first quarter of 2013 saw a significant growth in unwanted and dangerous emails with a significant spike in levels occurring in March. Spam, malware and phishing volumes all climbed compared to the previous quarters with the lowest growth rate being 74 percent. In March 2013 78.1 percent of all email were spam."
~ Commtouch Internet Threats Trend Report for 2013

Spam often accounts for even closer to 95 - 98% of email today. Use our Spam Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of spam to your bottom line if you aren't protected.

There is no doubt that spam is growing at an alarming rate in both personal and corporate inboxes. Spam can account for up to 90% of all emails and that number is expected to continue increasing. That's just simply astounding and unacceptable.

How is spam affecting your company? What's the real cost of spam for your company? Find out with our spam cost calculator. Using a conservative approach, let's take a look at how much spam is estimated to cost a company of 1000 people.

If we make the assumption that each person receives on average 20 spam emails per day and spends on average 15 seconds processing each email, then that means the company receives about 7.3 million spam emails over the course of a year and that its employees spend about 30,500 hours processing these spam emails by either deleting them or responding to them. That's 30,500 hours of lost productivity.

To quantify this lost productivity, let's assume that the salary per person averages out to be $60,000. This translates to a productivity loss of over $877,400 in a year.

So, just looking at employee productivity, the impact of spam, is that it's costing this company of 1000 employees over $877,400 a year. If you further calculate in technology expenses associated with spam, such as the amount of time wasted by the email servers in processing all the spam emails and the amount of time IT support staff spends battling spam, you'll find that the cost of spam only goes up.

The SpyderMail Spam Filtering Service helps you dramatically reduce the amount of spam your company receives and subsequently, reduce your costs associated with spam. Most customers see a return on their investment in just a matter of days.