What are your Support Hours of operation?

Our hours for tech support are 8AM to 5PM MST, however we monitor the service 24 x 7 and have staff on call to respond to any issues. Additionally staff are notified if a support question comes in...

Is there a fee to call tech support?

We do not charge for SpyderMail-related technical support. Our toll-free support number 1-877-386-3763.

How Do I Retrieve a Header from my Email Client?

Here are a few client examples To obtain it from your client it's best to refer to your product's documentation, but we've gathered a few examples as a convenience for you: Microsoft Outlook Express 5 and 6 Click...

How Is Spam Filtered?

As messages are processed by the system some tests are yes/no tests (virus infected / sending IP address black listed) and some are value tests. After a message has passed all the yes/no tests then the content of...

I am a SpyderMail end-user, who do I contact for support?

You will need to get in touch with your Domain Manager. If you are uncertain how to contact him/her, please send an email to support@SpyderMail.com and we can help you with the contact information.

Why do you ask for a cell phone or emergency contact number?

In case there's a problem with you mail server, and it occurs during your "off hours" we're able to give you the head's up.

Can you deliver to more than 1 mail server?

Yes. We are able to deliver to your main mail server and a failover one.

What About Alias Domains and Users?

We offer flexibiity when dealing with alias users and domains. For more information , contact us.

How do I change my MX record?

If you're uncertain, we can provide advice / feedback on changing your MX record.

Does SpyderMail change my MX record?

No. We're not in control of it. You are in control of your organization's DNS. Either you host it, or you can have it change via your hosting company.