<li><strong>Personal Allow and Block Lists</strong> The SpyderMail service can be configured to allow end users to have control over their individual allow and Block lists which further reduces the chance of false positives.<br /></li>
<li><strong>End-User Quarantine</strong> The SpyderMail Email Security service provides the ability to setup quarantine mailboxes where users can direct questionable email for later review. This greatly reduces the support load for large organizations.<br /></li>
<li><strong>Quarantine Summary Emails</strong> A daily email is sent to all end users with a quarantine account summarizing the contents of their individual quarantine mailboxes. Here, each user will be able to choose if a particular email is spam or not thereby allowing the SpyderMail service to adapt to the individual user’s preferences.<br />&nbsp;<br />
<strong>Note: </strong>End-users do not have to remember any passwords or user IDs to access their quarantine mailbox; each summary account email is an html document with direct links pointing to the end-users quarantine mailbox with the appropriate verification embedded.<br /><br />


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SpyderMail, a division of Optrics Inc. is devoted to helping organizations increase their productivity by providing its employees with clean, Spam-free, and Virus-free email.