About SpyderMail Email Security

SpyderMail, a division of Optrics Inc. is devoted to helping organizations increase their productivity by providing its employees with a total Email Security solution – which is more than just spam filtering.  It’s also anti virus, phishing protection, link protection and more.  Current industry reports on email show that 1 in 28 emails contains a virus, while as much as 95% of all email is Spam.

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We understand that some organizations may not have the resources to self-administer a comprehensive Spam and Virus solution, while others may not want to tie up their capital by purchasing the required equipment. We are here to help!

Optrics Inc. (DBA Optrics Engineering) is a licensed engineering firm helping organizations solve their network health and service-related problems since 1995. This has been accomplished by combining our in-house technical expertise with our strong relationships with industry-leading manufacturers.

Our value is in offering solutions versus products; our focus is on customer service and we excel at solving network-related technical problems that might be considered outside the norm.  We measure our success by our large number of satisfied and repeat customers and invite you to experience the same.

For more information about Optrics Inc., visit: www.Optrics.com

Shaun Sturby, Technical Services Manager
Shaun is our Technical Services Manager and top system architect for the SpyderMail system.
David Lee
David is our Marketing Manager, Sr. Web and Software Developer, and assists with support.


Scott Young, COO
Scott is our COO and assists with the marketing of SpyderMail.
Blair Zingle
Blair is our CEO and leads the SpyderMail team to grow as a managed service for our clients.