SpyderMail Email Security Service Features

SpyderMail is an Enterprise-Level premium spam filtering service which provides industry-leading comprehensive protection against the most current email-borne threats combined with the flexibility of customizing per-user settings, per-user quarantine mailboxes, and more.

SpyderMail provides a fully-integrated email security, continuity and archiving cloud-based solution. It protects your organisation from advanced email threats and accidental or malicious data leakage via email, in the office or one the road, no matter the device. Multi-layered security keeps you safe from known and emerging email-based threats, using a combination of custom filters and industry-leading anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing engines.

Now you can easily control what data leaves your organisation via email, and protect against data loss with our multi-level policy enforcement and compliance. You can utilise custom-built trigger lists to alert HR, IT, Sales or Senior Management when specific phrases are sent.
  • Per User Allow / Block lists
  • Compatible with all Email Servers
  • From 7 Days of Mailbagging
  • Geographically Redundant Cloud Filter
  • No software to install on your servers or workstations.
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Service
  • Multiple Reputation Analysis Systems
  • Management Portal
SpyderMail Email Security Support
Amazing Support

We pride ourselves on our support so be sure to contact us when an issue arises.

icons frontpage reports
Convenient Reports

You can select daily, weekly or monthly reports on the effectiveness of your spam filtering.

Knowledgable Experts
Knowledgeable Experts

No matter how your mail is configured, our expert staff can help design a solution that works for you.

Blocklists and Allowlists
Blocklists / Allowlists

Users can control their own blocklists and allowlists plus you can control them at the domain-level as well.

Admin Portal Login
Easy Admin Portal

Our straightforward admin portal lets you manage your organization's mail filtering settings.

TLS Enabled

We support TLS (Transport Layer Security) encrypted email.

Detailed Features of the SpyderMail Email Security Service

Spam definitions are automatically updated constantly, as well as new Spam rules, Spam algorithms, and Virus definitions on a ongoing basis. These updates require zero administration and ensure that your network has comprehensive and accurate protection even as the methods of attack change.

The SpyderMail service uses a powerful spam filtering/reputation analysis/anti-malware system in several geographically distributed data centres. This is a powerful defense system (Network Denial of Service Protection, Rate Control, IP Reputation Analysis, Sender Authentication, Recipient Verification, Virus Scanning, Policy (User-specified rules), Spam Fingerprint Check, Intent Analysis, Image Analysis, Bayesian Analysis, Rule-based Scoring ). Here are some of the unbeatable features that you will have access to using our service:

  • Anti-Spam – The algorithms and methods used by the SpyderMail Service are the most comprehensive and most advanced in the industry at detecting and filtering spam resulting in the lowest rate of false positives.
  • Anti-Virus – By utilizing dual layer virus blocking, decompression of archives and file type blocking, the anti-virus engine used by the SpyderMail service provides complete virus protection.
  • Anti-spoofing – This technology prevents the use of forged or "spoofed" sender addresses on unsolicited email. The anti-spoofing feature also allows larger organizations to specify a list of IP addresses that are allowed to have a "From" address that appears from inside the organization to support multiple sites and multiple email servers.
  • Anti-phishing – The SpyderMail service provides robust protection against phishing schemes which are often used to gather confidential information about an organization or its individual users.
  • Anti-spyware (Attachments) – All attachments are scanned and any spyware executables are detected and eliminated immediately.
  • Denial of Service Protection – Rate controls are utilized to stop denial of service attacks as well as dictionary based Spam attacks. These rate control systems are integrated and automatic in the SpyderMail service.

More Service Features

At Optrics Engineering, we realize that your network infrastructure is important to the daily working of your company. This is why we also offer the following features as part of our SpyderMail service:

  • Compatible with all Email Servers - The SpyderMail service is independent of the type of mail server you are using.
  • Mail Server Monitoring / Reporting - You can be notified when your mail server goes down so that you know when and why we cannot deliver email to your server.
  • Up to 90 Days of Email Replay - This upgrade brings with it always-on email continuity and an additional 76 days of email replay from the email logs bringing you to 90 days of email replay in total. Email Replay allows you to re-deliver emails in case of accidental deletion from email clients.
  • Redundant Data Centres - Our service utilizes true Geographic Redundancy which means that if anything happens to the primary Spam and Virus filters the service will failover to backup filters and you will continue to receive uninterrupted service.
  • Destination Failover - allows you to specify either a second mail server or a second internet link for load balancing or fail over. Should there be a problem with your primary mail server or link, the SpyderMail service can still deliver mail to you using your backup link.

SpyderMail Portal

Included with the SpyderMail service is the SpyderMail Management Portal, which serves as your "Central Command" for using the service.

It's a simple and secure administration section which is completely web-based, with no software to install.

Your users are able to define settings that deny or allow domains, senders as well as IPs for any email to the domain; and the advanced policy options allow for sophisticated rule management which even includes support for regular expressions.

As the admin for your domain, you can adjust a number of settings for your domain.

  • Domain-wide Allowlist / Blocklist based on either E-mail Address or Domain Name
  • Detailed reports and statistics on admin dashboard
  • Available emailed reports as well
  • Drill Down into the Message Logs for your domains with many different filters to narrow your search
  • Manage Frequency of Traffic Summaries (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) and destination E-mail address for these reports.
  • Domain configuration settings (including domain level spam scoring, update/change your destination mail server & SMTP E-mail testing)

Benefits of SpyderMail Spam Filtering Service

Business Reasons for our Email Security Service: As a business owner or manager, your main concern is running your business. Your only involvement with spam has been to know that it wastes your time, your employees time, and costs you money. That's why you're considering a Spam Filtering Service. ( to get an idea of the "real cost" of spam, check out our spam cost calculator ).

SpyderMail Email Security Service

4 Technology Benefits:

Automatic User Setup

There are many thing that set SpyderMail Spam Filtering Service apart, but the one that we hear the most about is our support. We hear that with many other services, it's practically impossible to actually speak to another human. People are always surprised to call during office hours and speak to us. However, that's nothing compared to the first time one of us actually calls a client to see how things are going.

The SpyderMail system automatically handles the mailbox setup for your users. Once you get started with the trial, it would be a pain to have to manually "enter" email accounts into a system.

Our system automatically confirm the validity of your email addresses with your server. If you have recipient validation turned on, the only email that will get to you, is non-spam that's addressed to valid users. A tremendous way to avoid attacks via NDR (non-delivery reports).
  • Email is scanned for reputation, including I.P. address & domains of known spam sources
  • It's scanned for viruses, malware, allowlisting, blocklisting and then spam.
  • If it passes those tests, and we check automatically if "username@yourdomain.com" exists.
  • If your mail server responds "invalid user" you don't receive the email.

Mail Bagging

If your mail server goes down, our spam filtering system will spool your email for up to 7 days.

This service is provided for up to 7 days by default (depending on your selected package) - enough time for you to get your mail server back up and running. At that point, we will deliver all mailbagged email to your mail server. This redundancy will help to ensure that critical emails are not lost, and are delivered to the right destination.

  • How critical is email to your business?
  • What would happen if your email stopped for a day?
  • How can you mitigate that damage?
  • Add redundancy to your incoming email
  • Ensure continued email in the event of a downed mail server
  • When your server's back up, mail delivery commences

Distributed Cloud Architecture

In addition to our pre-filter system and infrastructure, the multiple datacentres we use are geographically distributed to allow for more redundancy in the event of an unexpected outage.

  • Redundant or Load Balanced servers
  • Different DataCenters
  • Geographically distributed
  • Ensured redundancy
  • Email continuity
  • Robust architecture

Management Portal for Email Security Service

One of the things that seperates SpyderMail from other services, is our ease of contact. Because of this, any time a domain administrator needs information on blocked emails, quarantined emails, or other issues they can easily get in touch with us and we will provide complete information on the emails, and assist them with addressing any situation.

Our Management Portal allows domain administrators to query the filtered mail reports along with many other features.

The main dashboard shows details of

  • Graphs of Mail Flow
  • Mail Traffic in MB
  • Top Recipients
  • Top Senders