Maximum Protection for Your Most Vulnerable Business Application

Cybersecurity threats continue to grow as attackers deploy sophisticated methods such as zero-day exploits and bespoke malware to keep one step ahead. Older signature-based solutions are required, but they lack the new behavior-based analytic techniques necessary to prevent all zero-day and tailored attacks. A stronger protection is required. Emerging and evolving threats necessitate a multilayered strategy to email security that involves many levels of malware detection and must simultaneously handle typical attack vectors such as malicious attachments and URLs.

Email is the primary delivery tool for phishing, ransomware, and other types of malware attacks. Traditional scanning technologies can assist in protecting email from a variety of risks, but today’s sophisticated attacks necessitate a far more stringent, multi-step protection. Blocking known dangerous senders is an important first step, but it is insufficient since email is very susceptible to human error: even the most savvy users can be misled into clicking on a malicious link.

Companies require a robust defense against these targeted attacks.

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Email Security

By joining SpyderMail email security service, you’ll be protecting your organization’s inboxes from spam, viruses, phishing, porn and other types of junkmail with an enterprise-level solution. SpyderMail’s hosted antispam service actually stops spam before it even gets on your server, and there’s no software to download or install! SpyderMail is also a great choice for small businesses with no IT staff, as you can let us do the work for you, and enjoy spam-free inboxes.


2 Week Free Trial

There’s no risk because you can try the fully loaded SpyderMail service for 2 weeks, and join our clients who can’t believe how their spam just drops off! It’s as easy as editing your MX Records to point to us, and that’s it! You designate one person in your organization to be in charge of your SpyderMail subscription (and they are our point-of-contact). They get access to a powerful and feature-rich management portal to do basic administration of your email security setup. They can do powerful searches, and investigate emails that may need to be delivered, and they can release them! Your job is to pay attention to running your own business. We take away the work of having to deal with your spam, and all on a very reasonable budget. You don’t have to be a huge enterprise to enjoy an enterprise-level solution.

Microsoft Office 365

Our system works with any email server, including Microsoft Office 365. See more on our Office 365 Migration page. Of course, if your mail server(s) become unavailable, your email is safe and spools on our servers while you’re remedying the issue that interfered with your servers. If you’re looking for a Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter and email security service, then you’ve come to the right place! SpyderMail filters spam before it arrives at your mail server, so your desktop Outlook apps will receive only clean mail.

Filter Spam Before It Reaches Your Inbox

Cybercriminals are targeting growing businesses like yours more than ever before.   93% of organizations have had a virus, worm or trojan horse successfully infiltrate their network through Email (Osterman Research Inc.) Once spam actually reaches an inbox, it leaves your whole business at the mercy of your staff member doing the right thing.

Spam Filtering Service Benefits

Increased Email Security Constantly updated redundant anti-virus engines Self-learning intelligent anti-spam filters Continuous availability Server offline? Mail spools for a default of 7 days Cloud solution allows for instant scalability Save Time You can deploy the solution in minutes User-level quarantine and blacklist (reduce support tickets)

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Easy Setup

Managed Antispam Service features multiple levels of spam, virus and phishing protection.

  • Platform independent, works with any email client or server – Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Office 365 and Google Apps.
  • Large file handling – allows an email over the file size limit through to the end user without the attachment, the end user then decides if they want to download it from the cloud.
  • Import old allow and deny lists from your old system, reducing unnecessary administration during set-up.
  • As much or as little end user control over email as you choose.
  • Over 99.9% of spam identified and quarantined – reduces wasted staff time and improves productivity.
  • Prevent data leakage (customer data, sensitive business information) through the use of multi-level account rules.
  • Set up rules to govern domains, groups or individual policies.
  • Customisable portal branding to ensure employee confidence in the system.
  • One of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to bring your practice into compliance with HIPAA’s various provisions regarding ePHI email is to implement an email security and encryption solution.
  • The SpyderMail team is a division of Optrics Engineering – a professionally licensed engineering firm and network-solutions specialist: