Phishing Protection Add-on

ClickSmart Phishing Protection Add-on provides your organization with another layer of protection against ransomware and phishing attacks. It’s done by stopping your users from being able to click on any urls that are deemed to be dangerous.

Web links in emails are rewritten, which lets them be rescanned at the time of a click. This is a great addon to SpyderMail’s email security.

SpyderMail ClickSmart Click Protection

URL Protection – and why you need it!

One of the common types of zero-day attacks situations involved an email which seems innocent, and contains some web links. It passes through anti-spam scans, as well as virus filters. When your user gets the email (since it doesn’t pose an “immediate” threat), the spammer can “weaponize” the link by pointing it to either a phishing site, or some type of malware delivery site..

Your user gets subjected to malicious attacks like malware, phishing or even ransomware. SpyderMail Phishing Protection Add-on will prevent these web links from ever getting through to your user – and in doing so, ensures the safety and security of your network.

Email is important to the operation of businesses on a global scale. Cybercriminals are capitalizing on this knowledge to put your email users and organization at risk. Their capacity to move swiftly and cause chaos poses a threat to organizations of all sizes and types.

Email is the primary delivery tool for phishing, ransomware, and other types of malware attacks. Traditional scanning technologies can help protect email from a variety of risks, but sophisticated phishing attempts of today demand a much more robust defence.

Blocking known dangerous senders is an important first step, but it is insufficient since email is very susceptible to human error: even the most savvy users can be misled into clicking on a malicious link.

Companies want a potent weapon against these targeted attacks, but the solution must also be simple to adopt and operate, since most organizations lack the time and resources to stay abreast of this constantly evolving world of email-based threats.

Normal email protection technologies provide a baseline level of security, but they are ineffective against more sophisticated assaults and are not designed to defend against zero-day threats.

How Phishing Protection Add-on Works

SpyderMail Phishing Protection Add-on works together with our email security service. Phishing Protection Add-on examines your user’s incoming “clean” email for links to websites – and will replace them for a link back to the Phishing Protection Add-on Service. Your user then receives the email – but when they click on a link, one of two procedures will take place.

  • If the original email is still held in our system, Phishing Protection Add-on will retrieve and rescan the entire content along with any web links.
  • If the original email isn’t available, Phishing Protection Add-on will scan the original web link.

If the original message or it’s enclosed web link is now found to be malicious, your user i could be blocked from accessing that website, or perhaps warned, depending on which settings that you have chosen.

Features and benefits

  • Scans URLs in emails
  • Re-writes all web links in emails
  • Blocks URLs which could lead to phishing, spear phishing, spoofing and ransomware attacks
  • Customizable warning and block pages
  • Easy statistics report scheduling
  • Works with SpyderMail’s spam filtering email security service
  • Reduces security risks

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