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A Cost Effective Way to Bring Enterprise-Class SPAM Filtering to Your Clients

By joining the SpyderMail Partner Program you can earn money while offering your customers an enterprise-level class of E-Mail Filtering, Managed AntiSpam, Virus Scanning and E-Mail Backup service. It’s recurring revenue on a quarterly basis from the purchases your customers place with SpyderMail™.

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How Can I Make Money?

We have a tiered Partner Program that will fit every IT Professional’s requirements from Web Designers, Consultants, to Technicians and even ISPs.

SpyderMail Partner Program

Partner Level# of ClientsYour Discount
Level 12 to 10 clients15%
Level 211 to 25 clients20%
Level 326+ clients25%

Why SpyderMail?

SpyderMail’s service offers a spam-detection accuracy rate consistently above 99.9%. Businesses that utilize our solutions can be confident of possessing the least complicated, most effective means available of protecting their business email from spam and viruses.

  • Multiple levels of spam and virus protection
  • Over 99.9% of spam identified and quarantined with less than 0.01% false-positives
  • Works with any email system
  • Learns and adapts to provide the most accurate, up-to-date protection
  • Deletes virus-infected emails while keeping the email message
  • Sets up in minutes with no hardware or software to install

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