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Spam Filter Question – What needs to be changed to direct email to a third party remote spam filter?

One question we receive often, is “what needs to be changed to direct email to a third party remote spam filter?”

It’s fairly easy actually, to start using a spam filter service like SpyderMail.

Once you’ve started your trial, the main “next step” is to change your MX Record to point to the anti-spam service.

Your organization’s MX Record is a DNS record that tells the internet where to send email that’s coming to you.

Your spam filter service (like SpyderMail) will tell you what to change it to.  Then, all you have to do is get your web developer to change it.

Once that’s done, email that’s incoming to you will come to (for example) SpyderMail, who will filter your spam, and then send the cleaned email to your mail server.

(there’s also something called a “time to live” on your record that might be something like say, 30 minutes.  That means once the record has been changed, it will take about 30 minutes for the rest/most of the internet to learn the new record.

That’s why it’s so easy to do a trial, because it’s under your control.  You point your MX to us, and then later if you decide to go elsewhere, you just repoint it.




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